Free YouTube Video Downloader Online

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to download YouTube videos, there are a few free online video downloaders that can get the job done. In this post, we'll walk you through how to use one of these tools to save YouTube videos to your computer.

List Of Top 10 Free YouTube Downloaders

YouTube is the largest video sharing website in the world with over a billion users. It is a great platform for watching and sharing videos. However, there are times when you want to download a video from YouTube so that you can watch it offline or share it with others. There are many YouTube downloaders available, but not all of them are free. Here is a list of the top 10 free YouTube downloaders:

  1. YTD Video Downloader
  2. Free YouTube Downloader
  3. Down2you YouTube Video Downloader
  4. Any Video Converter Free
  5. Wondershare Free YouTube Downloader
  6. Freemake Video Downloader
  7. ClipGrab
  8. TubeMate
  9. aTube Catcher
  10. KeepVid Free YouTube Downloader

How To Use A YouTube Downloader

Utilizing a YouTube downloader is a great way to save your favorite videos for later use. This type of software allows you to quickly and easily download videos from YouTube and turn them into either audio or video files on your desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. All you need is the video's URL, which can be retrieved after opening the desired video in YouTube. Simply copy and paste the URL into the app and hit 'download' to begin. You will then be able to watch or hear your favorite clips anytime you want - no more buffering or slow loading times! So if you're looking for an effortless way to save content from the web, give a YouTube downloader a try today!

Why You Need A YouTube Downloader

YouTube downloaders are incredibly useful tools that can help you save videos from the streaming platform for use when you don’t have access to an internet connection. This comes in handy if you’re on-the-go and want to be able to watch a clip or listen to music but don’t have data or unreliable Wi-Fi access. YouTube downloaders are also convenient for saving videos from the site so that you can watch them offline whenever you want. They help oragnize your favorite clips and music too, allowing for easy access instead of having to scroll through hundreds of links trying to find what content you were wanting to watch. With a YouTube downloader, all the content you love is at just one click away!

How To Convert The Video Into Another Format

Converting your video into another format has never been easier thanks to ! is an online converter tool that makes it easy for users to transfer files from one format to the other seamlessly and quickly. All you need to do is drag your video file onto, select a different format for your output file, and click 'convert'. After going through's conversion process, you will be ready with a new version of your video in its desired format - hassle-free! With, changing up the format of your videos can now be done without any fuss!

Tips For Downloading Videos From YouTube

Downloading videos from YouTube is a great way to save your favorite shows, movies, and clips for offline access. While this process used to be cumbersome and time consuming, there are now some very straightforward methods for downloading videos quickly with minimal effort. One of the easiest ways is using web-based applications that scrape the video from YouTube's servers and re-package it in the format you select. These services can also require less storage space than downloading it directly from YouTube. You might also consider a browser extension or add-on, which are often free and easy to use: just click download when you locate the video on YouTube and it will do the rest! Last but not least, make sure you double check copyright policies before downloading any videos so they don't wind up costing more than they're worth. With these tips in mind, downloading videos from YouTube should be fast and hassle free!

In conclusion, using a YouTube downloader is an excellent way to save your favorite videos from the platform. With the list of top 10 free YouTube downloaders outlined in this post and the step-by-step guide for downloading, converting and keeping your downloaded video files secure, you can safely enjoy streaming great content right on your device. Plus, with the ability to convert videos into other formats like MP4, MOV or AVI, you can make sure they are compatible with pretty much any device out there. Lastly, remember that the tips provided will help ensure it's less likely for something to go wrong when downloading from YouTube. With all these tools at your disposal, you will never have to worry about missing out on your favorite content ever again!